Smart Communications for Smarter Machines

Enhancing learning experience with the help of Augmented Reality.

In the heavy machinery sector, every day comes with its own issues and obstacles for the sales and marketing team

  • Trying to sell a product that's so complex that the customer might struggle to understand its usefulness.
  • Carrying heavy machinery everywhere is time, cost and effort intensive process but there’s no alternative to demonstrating a product without carrying it.
  • Ensuring that the customer gets all the important information despite the long sales cycle, which comprises various meetings, has enormous possibilities of details getting lost or missed.

Imagine having access to technology that could not only bring the product alive but rather create a different product experience. Now, convert a general Sales Meet into a closed sale with rich and out of the world marvels of your products.

At Plutomen Technologies, we have developed an AR-based application, machinARie, that turns into your personal guide for machines. There is no exaggeration in terming the application as the “Next Big Thing” in the manufacturing industry. This mobile application allows you to discover the unbelievable intricacies and realms of machine parts more simply and easily way. It is perfect as a tool for marketing, training, and even for educational purposes.



All the details related to the machinery are explained in a clear and simpler terms



Ensure that customers get a never seen before experience of the products.



The unique and creative aspect of the application makes the whole process quite engaging for the customers.

Benefits of using machinARie


Easy Demonstration

It becomes simpler to explain the intricate details of machinery without much fuss and doesn’t require the machine to be carried physically to different locations.


Empowers the Sales & Marketing Team/ Empower Your Team

By using this application, people in marketing and sales can make the entire process of meeting and explaining the nuances about the machinery interesting as well as engaging.


Saves Time and Cost

As there is no need to carry the machines physically, it saves one a lot of time and expenses that otherwise one anyhow had to carry on with.


Decreases Cognitive Load

As the tool is self-explanatory, it offers a clear, unique and uncomplicated process of elucidation. This automatically reduces the cognitive load of the team.


An Unusual Approach

With huge competition in the market, ingenious is the need of the hour which you can easily get through this application.

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